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Radiology is the branch of medicine that uses non-invasive technology to create images of the bones, tissues and organs within the human body. These images are interpreted by a radiologist or nuclear medicine physician to identify or monitor diseases or injuries. The findings are then included in a written report to the referring doctor.


Uses high frequency soundwaves to create images of a range of body areas, including the abdomen, pelvis, breasts, heart and blood vessels, and muscles and tendons. Also useful in monitoring the progress of pregnancy.


The most common form of medical imaging. Useful for examining bones, joints, some spinal conditions, the teeth and jaws, and aids in the diagnosis of many chest and lung conditions.

Azanza health’s primary care division, brings together a broad spectrum of health services including general practice clinics and afterhours GP services, occupational health services, remote health services, community and home nursing services, primary care research programs, health assessment technologies, clinical trials and chronic disease management programs.aids in the diagnosis of many chest and lung conditions.

Occupational Health

Occupational healthcare and general medical services, with clinics in metropolitan, regional and remote locations, protecting the health and wellbeing of families and workforces.

Community-based Healthcare Services

Community-based healthcare services to support people with acute or chronic, complex health conditions.

Why is this service important?

Quicker connections to cardiologists

Azanza Health in collaboration with expert consultant cardiologists and cardiac technicians, is committed to the provision of comprehensive cardiac investigations and diagnostic services. Our staff is available for discussion and advice regarding your patients’ reports, treatment options and medical management.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • All ECG tests are reviewed and interpreted by our team of specialised cardiologists.
  • Urgent ECG results are available within 1-2 hours.
  • Routine ECG results are available within 12-24 hours.
  • Electronic delivery of enhanced pdf reports available to download to your PMS or view online via Sonic Dx
  • Available at any of our collection centres.
  • Walk-in service available, no appointment required.
  • Pensioners and Health Care Card holders are bulk-billed.
  • Patients will receive an out-of-pocket account for this test and can claim a Medicare rebate.