Medical Leadership

At Azanza Health we understand and respect the practice of medicine. Our unique culture of Medical Leadership inspires our people to deliver superior healthcare outcomes for both doctors and patients.

Medical Leadership describes our management philosophy of placing the wellbeing of our patients above all other considerations, and respectfully and collegially supporting healthcare professions in the pursuit of medical excellence.

We acknowledge the trust that clinicians place in us and strive to mirror their commitment to medical excellence in everything we do.

Through Medical Leadership, we aim to ensure that every person who is part of Azanza health understands how vitally important their role is in the delivery of high quality medical services to each and every patient. As Medical Leaders, we are an integral member of a complex healthcare community to whom we have a professional obligation to support and serve. A core tenet of Medical Leadership is our insistence that all our healthcare businesses have strong clinical governance, leadership and management. Our leaders are doctors or experienced healthcare professionals who are empowered to act in the best interests of clinicians and patients at all levels of our organisation.

Medical Leadership also keeps us focused on responding to the needs of our customers – whether they be individual referring physicians, hospitals, governments or patients – to provide the most efficient, personalised service possible.

Medical Leadership has always been enshrined in Azanza’s corporate culture. It reflects our understanding that medicine is a profession rather than a business, and is responsible for our continued success.

Patients and their wellbeing are our highest priority.

Our actions, behaviours and business decisions are always focused on supporting clinicians and good medical practice

Respect for clinical sovereignty and professional collegiality are central to everything we do.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and service excellence.

We are committed to supporting and being part of the medical communities we serve.

We recognise the importance of, and support, medical education, research and professional advocacy.